Fabrics rich in contents with effects of dyeing and over-dyeing, delavatura and treatments.


Search for color and combination in dyed-yarn / dyed-bonded and striped, checked and striped fabrics.


Availability to the study and realization for our customers of personalized collections in designs and colors making exclusive fabrics.

Made in Italy

Our fabrics are made exclusively in Italy from the design, collection study, creation of prototypes to production, weaving, dyeing, finishing.

The life of each of our fabrics starts almost by hand and then continues with industrial production until the delivery of the finished product to the customer.

Attention to detail is expressed not only at the time of production, which in all its phases awaits rigorous standards, but also by implementing a careful selection of raw materials that must correspond to high quality criteria.

All this reflects the rules of a Made in Italy fabric.




COLLEZIONE AUTUNNO/INVERNO 2022/2023  31/08/2021 - 02/09/2021


COLLECTION AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/2023        13-15 July 9.00AM to 18.30PM PALAZZO ALBERGATI Via masini 46 ZOLA PREDOSA (BO)


COLLECTION AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/2023 13 - 14 JULY 2021

Presentation of the autumn/winter 2022/2023 collections

13-14 and 15 September 2021 In the heart of Paris, the showroom dedicated to the world of textiles opens its doors at the Galerie Joseph for its third edition 116 rue de Turenne and 5 rue Saint-Merri