Lanificio arpatex

Lanificio arpatex

Lanificio arpatex


since 1994


Our Company was founded in 1994 by 4 partners already in the textile field for generations.

Their passion, dynamism, resourcefulness and experience gained over the years, helped to make the company wellknown beyond national borders.

This also thanks to the support of a specialized, motivated and sensitive staff that has gives impetus, creativity , sensitivity , characteristics of fundamental importance to keep up with the times.

This is a source of pride and a straong incentive to continue the path that its founders have undertaken  many years  ago.

Novelty and innovation respecting the environment, this is the philosophy of Arpatex.

Arpatex has been producing and developing quality tussuti for years that are appreciated and respected all over the world.

History of the textile industry of Prato